Pottery fairy/elf doors

Stoneware ape tile

Stoneware pottery animals

Stoneware animals

Mixed media paintings

Swimming with penguins

My work is influenced by an interest in the natural world. All my pieces are hand-built, using pinch pot and coiling techniques with stoneware clays fired at over 1240ÂșC using an electric kiln. My decorative work is a combination of natural oxides and smoke firing to compliment the clay body surface. I have exhibited and sold work at Marwell Zoological Park summer exhibitions, IBM Hursley House, Southampton City Art Gallery, Portsmouth Museum, Curdridge Show and other local galleries.

I can offer local art group and school sessions. If there is a project or commission you would like me to look at, please contact me on 07817 907 306 or email abjames2@yahoo.ie.

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